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Some entries in this journal are friends-locked. Comment to be added.

As of 26 June 2009 I've decided to make a statement about the way I provide readers with information about my stories:

- If I'm writing for a particular comm or fest I will always warn according to the standards of that comm.
- When posting to archives I will abide by their posting requirements.
- When posting to my lj or anywhere that doesn't have a warnings policy my default position is that I will provide information about the following story contents: rape or significant consent issues, incest, child abuse, major character death. The limits on this are that I will only warn if these issues are a major plot point or dealt with in a moderately-to-very explicit way. "Character death" refers to Bodie or Doyle or Cowley only.
- I will disguise/provide links to warnings so that anyone who prefers to read without being warned may do so.
- I write "The Professionals". I consider that a level of "graphic violence" goes with the territory. However on this and other story content questions I am happy to provide further information on request. PM or email me.
- I don't think there are issues with anything I've written prior to this date, but if you find any, please let me know.

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