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It seems I just can't will myself to go to bed yet! *yawn* got back just before midnight from Christmas drinks and met up with some jovially drunken lads as I was getting out of the car who told me that they grew up in the street and the mailman used to live in our house while the milkman lived next door. I tell you, it's a lot like a country town around here!

I borrowed "Five get into a Fix" from Louise's library because it's one I hadn't read before. Just finished it. Blyton is usually very WYSIWYG but this one had some layers! Morgan, the Welsh giant with his seven dogs, seemed almost a mythological figure. So did Aily, the curly-haired scamp of the moment. There was the moral conundrum of leaving the old woman locked in the tower.

It was very much Julian's story - he learnt some valuable lessons. There were also noticeable teenage things happening, such as the boys going off together without the girls. However I didn't like the way Blyton portrayed George in this book. Apart from her normal wanting to look like a boy act, she was mostly slotted into stereotypical girl activity - left behind, protected, fixing food. The bits where she was given the opportunity to be brave (not just tempestuous or concerned about Timmy) were thin on the ground.

Hark at me, willya, doing reviews of children's books from the 50's :-)

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