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I have almost 600 photos from the October AMFAS trip copied to the hard drive. Went through them this afternoon and rotated them all the right way up. Now I'm experimenting with Paint Shop Pro 'One Stop Photo fix'. I mostly like the results, although it has a tendency to make some of the shots too orangey. However, after some fiddling I found out how to change the colour balance back.

Next steps: resize them so they'll load easily from a CD-ROM and then burn one for Karen.

Also attempting to upload photos from scrap book (these were taken about a month ago, when the jacaranda was in full bloom and the swamp hens were making daily visits):

Purple Rain Purple Rain

The backyard with the jacaranda in bloom.

Swamp Hen Swamp Hen

One of our visiting swamp hens. B calls it Flossie (no, I don't know why)!


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