kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

Exhausting week at work. Whenever I have a day off, I end up doing 5 days worth in 4. And the usual last minute crises on Friday.

S. got told 'unofficially' that he got his job. Good, hopefully that will mean he'll be a bit more relaxed to be around. Mine got advertised on Friday, so I have to spend some time updating my resume. Not that there's a lot of substance to add - having been put to doing everything from accreditation review coordination to finances over the past 2 years, I haven't settled into anything enough to do much career planning.

Grocery shopping done. Drinks at Louise's tonight. Chicken & salad for tomorrow, nothing fancy. Plenty of snack foods to keep the wolves happy *g*.

I'd like this better if it weren't for the typos (OTOH, the 'trill' of the hunt makes an odd kind of sense... )
You are the Beta
You are the Beta/Hunter,2nd in command.You are very
close to the Alpha and will take over if he
dies.You love the trill of the hunt and are
very loyal to your pack members.You love
puppies and are friendly,playful,and get along
with all of your pack members.^_^

What position are u in your wolf pack?
brought to you by Quizilla

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