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I was going to sleep in today (Day Off!!!), I told B. But he forgot. Twice. Grrrr. Oh well, he made me a cup of coffee before going to work.

Lessee, what do I want to accomplish:-
- check the box of goodies brought back from England and make sure I have enough presents for the very few (ie B, my niece & nephew & special work colleagues mostly) I actually buy for.
- Shop for a new cupboard for the kitchen and maybe a bookcase or two. And food for the weekend. Don't fancy going to Penrith on Christmas Eve if I can avoid it.
- Finish some LH stuff that's been hanging around.
- Do some more work on the crossover story that's been sitting idle for a couple of months now.
- Figure out how to upload photos to LJ.

We'll see. Lucky if I get half of it done.

Comedy Kissage

- Presents almost sorted. I didn't make it to Penrith, so I'll take the ones for posting into work tomorrow.

- Ordered a pine pantry cupboard and more bookcases - they'll arrive in the new year.
- Bought an Ottoman stool for B from Freedom Furniture. On special. You'd like the colours, tboy; burnt orange & brown & yellow.

Spent far too much time obsessing about empty_mirrors's story Deadly Intentions and What Happened Next - grrrr...arrrgh. As a result, I left my shopping list with measurements & stuff at home & had to go back!

Taking a break now, will go back to The List soon.

More Later
Did a test gacked from mab_browne here: 9/9 Genius - 82% knowledgable and 88% intellectual. But I screwed up the cut & paste so, meh.

More More Later
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