kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

Sometimes an intended joke doesn't work in a really nice way. Case in point:

The guy I've been relieving came back to work today after some serious back surgery. I discovered while tending his desk that he's a Rugby fanatic, so I hijacked his computer desktop with this All Black wallpaper:

which I think is cool because of the LOtR flavour.

Now most Aussie fans would at least ACT a bit put out by this All Black violation of their computer. Anyway, instead of being offended or amused, he was genuinely pleased.

Turns out that his brother in law lives in NZ, works for Adidas and played a significant part in the promotional campaign that this wall was part of - including going out to the shoot! He's seen some full sized posters and thought they were fantastically well done. So he's going to keep it visible!

Also in good news week, I was told that the work I've done helping to develop the new health service network is good and he's happy with the progress we've made. Much different to the continual shouts from the top that we need to do everything more, better faster than we are capable of.

Must stop whingeing & be grateful for small mercies.
Tags: rl_work, rugby

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