kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

Doctor D'amage came for tea tonight (pizza). We watched Van Helsing which I bought in a 3 for 25 quid deal in a Brighton shop in October.

I was expecting the worst but somehow, on the smaller than theatre sized (yet really rather bloody large) TV, it seemed more like a reasonably fun, "see what I can do, mum", parody of "Fearless Vampire Killers", with mountains of CGI. If a parody can be parodied - well, of course it can, and there were heaps of references to other genre flicks. Indiana Jones meets Dracula.

However I'm not sure the movie studio saw it in the same light & the tone was a bit confusing at times. I also thought that while Richard Roxburgh and David Wenham played up their parts for all they were worth (and hope it was worth more than a bit, guys) Hugh sometimes looked a bit uncomfortable. Plus his accent kept slipping.

OTOH Kate Beckinsdale in corset is always something to behold. It must be the leather (there's a particular Xena episode where the Amazons are saddling their horses and you can hear the slap and see the flexing of really good saddlery - on both horses and women - that has a similar effect on me). All those years at Pony Club are catching up. Oh, yeah.

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