November 2nd, 2018


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Gah, life is a bit shitty at the moment :( Mum went into care in June, I spent a week with my sister in July, cleaning house, preparing for selling. Mum has a recurrent chest condition with bronchiectasis, probably the result of a silent TB infection when she was a graduate teacher in the 40's in Northland. My sister contacted us yesterday as Mum now has another respiratory infection that she is probably not going to get over. The antibiotics aren't working, and they are taking palliative measures to ease her coughing. Mum has recently been talking about her own deterioration, physical and mental, and we are united in only doing as much as she would want. Of course she could still turn the corner, but it feels like time is running out.

If she passes we have a family agreement that my sister will arrange things, and we'll have a memorial get together when we can all attend.

I'm still going to Canberra for friends meetage on Monday, just not sure which car I'll be using - B came back from school today with a stone damaged windshield that cracked more in the heat - that's my car he's been driving, so I will be ringing places tomorrow!

Also, friends up north in Queensland are having a hard time - can't talk too much about it, but there is a meeting on Saturday that will be make or break - I wish them well.

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