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The lads had to travel to Pago Pago for this one, and since they're on holiday I thought perhaps they (and you) would like to play a game. It's tenuously (very) based on the 7-7-7 meme, only instead of my WIP I've selected the 77th line and 7-ish following from 7 favourites stories. Unnamed, so if you would like to try guessing the titles/authors, have at it!

Line numbering will depend on the published source as viewed on my screen so we may not match. Also, I don't count spaces or headings/subheadings (or count, sometimes... all errors are my own).

7 story excerpts awaitCollapse )

Discovered so far:
1. 'Sunshine and Cemeteries' by Slanted Light (found by murphybabe)
2. 'Lightside' by Anne Carr (helenraven)
3. strongly hinted at by author!
4. 'Jigsaw Puzzle' by HG (byslantedlight)
5. 'Transients' by Helen Raven (murphybabe)
6. ...a sequel to a classic, if controversial, fic
7. 'Like Gravity' by Halotolerant (hagsrus)

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