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21 January 2016 @ 08:05 am
This is for byslantedlight's Safehouse Pros challenge... although it's Thursday morning here, so I'm using Lads' time *g*

One of my favourite moments:

no title

And one favourite femme (glowering at one of our lads here):

no title

Not the snazzy new versions, I don't have too many of those loaded in my scrapbook where I can grab them on the run... cya!
Basically this is my "I saw it when on holiday and if I don't talk about it now I never will" post.

I think I can say, unspoilery-like, that the original cast are ALL totally watchable in this.

movie stuff and spoilersCollapse )

Reaction: I didn't hate it, it is miles better than the prequel, {%character} rules.

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