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27 February 2015 @ 10:43 pm
So it's Friday night and the OH is out, and I decide to do fannish emailing... okay, the first of those didn't go so well (stuffed up the addressing), story of my week, let's try lj/dw. What can I do wrong here?

First: to Big Bang or not - I think not. Due consideration given, but the most likely wip and I are not getting on. I did just enough research to decide that the 1970's R369/425/445 etc, etc, wasn't going to get my driver from Cork to the north Antrim coast overnight, and you may laugh at that but it was kind of crucial. Until my Workarounds-R-Us care package arrives I think I'll continue to potter whenever work and life allow. Which is mostly not ever, at least when talking about times when my brain functions enough to lay down actual words.

Other things:
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