September 19th, 2014


St Ives show tomorrow

No major update - I've been back at work for a fortnight, and this weekend we have a 2-day event, a new Medieval Faire on the north-east side of Sydney. The trailer's packed, shouting all done with for now; I am slow-cooking two beef roasts for one meal or another, not quite sure which until we scope the site and the options; and I might think about producing dinner in a few minutes.

The Scottish vote:- best suggestion so far from one of the many members of the Not Actually Living There contingent who, like me, have mixed ancestry (in my case it's Scottish/Welsh/English/Maori) - it must be time for a Home Rule movement for Wessex and Mercia!

OK, you might need to be a history geek for that one.

I have the Youtube vid of "Who do you think you are" lined up for watching, but I think tonight it'll be Castle and early to bed.

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