March 4th, 2012

Ms Marvel

A question for (some) USians

Family stuff again, but of the good this time.

My niece is a keen rower, and is pretty good at it too (3 gold medals in various classes at the recent NZ Nationals... /auntie brag). She has the opportunity to take up a sporting scholarship to a university in the US this year and she wants to do a degree in logistics management.

So she has two offers. One from Ohio State (Columbus), the other from Michigan State (East Lansing). Both offer the courses she's after. There are a couple of other scholarship girls from NZ at Michigan. The finances are about the same. Ohio wanted an answer last week, but in view of Dad's death they've given her more time. The offer from Michigan only came in a week ago.

So... is anyone familiar with either of these universities? Any advice, anecdotes, information about them, the cities they are in, anything to help her make up her mind - I said I'd ask!

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