November 9th, 2011

kiwisue with armour

A Trip to Melbourne

I'm just back from a long weekend in Melbourne, combining my favourite things - re-enactment and Pros. byslantedlight was visiting \o/, there was the possibility of an IRL meeting with someone I'd only been in email contact with before, and then there was some talkfest-y stuff that was happening in association with the Timeline Fair, which I hoped wouldn't get in the way of more informal enjoyment *g*. Oh, and Melbourne is a great place to visit, with many interesting things within an easy tram-ride.

900 km of driving (one-way) was too hard, and I didn't want to perform the airport shuttle juggle, so I took the overnight train from Strathfield, arriving early in the morning. Walked from Southern Cross station to a friend's house in West Melbourne, chatted with Rob and Laura for a little while, then left Rob to get on with thesis/seminar/something similar writing and went shopping. Victoria Markets were only five minutes away:
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