October 2nd, 2011


I must, I must...

I really, really must get back to some sort of active lj life. No excuses, this time I have a completely free long weekend. No committments or distractions. See how long it takes me to post this...

...Right. It's Sunday night, I've got the England/Scotland game recorded and ready to watch, and a post. An actual post :):):)

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Ohhhh, seriously, I think I need to stop there. Let August take care of itself, although I may come back to September soon, since it's only just become last month.

One more moment of stupidity - while I was writing this post I went back into my Inbox to check old messages - and promptly managed to delete the lot! So if I've missed something of yours that I need to reply to, please pm me again *shameface*.

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