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12 June 2011 @ 03:28 pm
A brief recap: Months ago, I posted about my search to discover when 'The Professionals' first aired in Australia. Using the State Library of NSW holdings of Sydney TV Weeks I came up with a date in September 1981, but there were gaps in the collection and I received several comments from people who had clear memories of watching Pros earlier than 1981.

The National Library in Canberra has a very good collection of editions from different States, but they don't lend periodicals and Canberra itself is a three hour drive from where I live. I had good intentions, about which I did nothing for months, then I found out that [profile] jaycat would be in Canberra in the week after Easter! Oh, happy coincidence - I had planned to attend a reenactment event near Braidwood over the break, so I wouldn't have as far to travel. I had other excuses - the Ballets Russe costume exhibition at the National Gallery which I thought I'd missed, then found out it had been extended until the end of the month, but that was really just the icing... Pros meetage and research! Whee!

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