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09 July 2010 @ 12:34 am
... because I got home this evening and found one of these waiting for me.

Bless the lad. I've had my P7 since 2002, but it's never been the same since Dustacon '05. One of the batteries has died, and the other is extremely dodgy, so I was looking at half the price of a new camera if I wanted replacements. The new one is extremely sleek and beautiful. Of course we had to test the video function, which involved me reading bits of "The Eye of Argon"# while trying to keep a straight face and not succeeding.

#which I found by first reading this, then this, and finally, this.

Sample dialogue:
"Prepare to embrace your creators in the stygian haunts of hell, barbarian", gasped the first soldier.
"Only after you have kissed the fleeting stead of death, wretch!" returned Grignr.
A sweeping blade of flashing steel riveted from the massive barbarians hide enameled shield as his rippling right arm thrust forth, sending a steel shod blade to the hilt into the soldiers vital organs. The disemboweled mercenary crumpled from his saddle and sank to the clouded sward, sprinkling the parched dust with crimson droplets of escaping life fluid.

Enough silliness *g*. It's far, far too distracting, although I'd be happy for some purple-coloured inspiration right about now. I can always use bleach.

ETA Forgot to mention - a friend of ours is cycling through the UK this summer. Heres what he looks like:
If you see him, be nice to him. He's a good bloke.