July 6th, 2010

Thoughtful by snarkyllama

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My bloke is a lovely bloke.

I got breakfast in bed, a copy of My Life as a Miracle, the sort of book you read a passage at a time and quote out loud to someone, which is what happened this morning along with other lovely things *g*.

Oh, and if you're interested in that sort of stuff, I thought for a long time that what the Wizard represented was a kind of libertarianism (not anarchism) that was fun and interesting and entirely individualistic within society but more & more I'm reading about libertarianism being something else & all negative and tea-partyish (US derivation), which dismays me. What have I missed?

I'm too old for big celebrations. Yes, I am. But this morning was nice.

Now B has headed off for the day and I'm hip deep in Big Bang writing. Bridging scenes, easy peasy. Except I have to reconstruct a scene from scratch because I can't just focus on the action, there are other people and their reactions to consider afterwards and I'm not sure I'm getting it right, timing, dialogue, anything.

Anyway, word count update, 2 pm: