April 17th, 2010

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CI5 strength - HR perspective!

I've been wondering about rosters and such. If CI5 has x agents (does anyone know how many? I can't remember where I saw that info), and is presumably a 24 hour, seven days/week organisation, how many would be on duty at any given time? What was the standard working week, excluding overtime? How many weeks annual leave would agents have - what comparison with the police, armed services and civil servants at the time?

I haz the tools, what I need is the opinions :)

ETA: To let you know where this is going, I vaguely remember something about CI5 having approximately 45 operatives - if that's the case, a rotating roster of 8 hour days, 40 hour week, shifts being day/evening/ night, personnel being 18/10/6 for each of those shifts (weekends 10/10/6), 6 weeks per year for leave and training, would chew up all of those resources. What I want to do is fine-tune this model.