April 7th, 2010

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"Not my fandom" fic links

Yes, I do read stories in other fandoms. I tend to prefer short stories, because if I don't "get" the characters within the first few hundred words I go for the back button - and a lot of fan stories rely heavily on understanding the characters and being emotionally connected to them.

This is a small list, so far. I'll probably add to it gradually as time goes by - but if you like and know other stories that might interest me, please add a link.

"Not my Fandom" Fic links

The Principled Affair of the Compromised K.C. (Dorothy Sayers fandom)

Killing Elvis (Alien movie fandom)

Three Vital Rules for Staying Stylish, Even (Especially) in a World Overrun by Monsters by glossing ('Angel' TV series fandom)

Recced by llywela13: http://eloise-bright.livejournal.com/108590.html
Conversational Winchester for Trolls (Supernatural fandom)

Aurora (Firefly fandom)

Previously recced by kindkit (Yuletide 2008): http://yuletidetreasure.org/archive/68/argosy.html
Argosy (Shakespeare - The Merchant of Venice fandom)

Jane's-Eye View by Zeke Black ('Deadwood' fandom - Calamity Jane)

This Unique Distance From Isolation (Yami no Matsuei fandom)

"Almost my Fandom"
Cusp ('Points' fandom - Barnett & Scott)
Kindkit wrote this for me for the 'Help Haiti' fundraiser, and it's wonderful. Set just after the end of the first book, theme is "what next".

Cherry Without Any Stone by Sineala. ('Points' fandom - Barnett & Scott). This one's a missing scene from the end of the second book.