November 5th, 2009

Reading (Acorn Syndrome)

Pros History - Australia

I've been really bad about posting and answering comments lately, but I can at least report that I've been busy on Pros things in a behind-the-scenes way. A while ago enednoviel asked me if I knew when Pros first aired in Australia. I only had vague memories (some of which turned out to be wrong). Anyway I thought that maybe the National Library would have copies of TV Week for the period, so I wrote to them. They referred me to the NSW State Library and I eventually got around to getting a readers card and reserving a bunch of volumes of issues from 1979 onwards. It took me a couple of goes, and I still don't have a definitive date for the first episode shown because there were some issues missing, but my best informed guess at this time is that it was probably 'Old Dog, New Tricks' on 25 August 1981. ETA: based on comments I need to go back to the earlier missing issues - might take a while.

The list so far is underneath the cut. I might go back in a little while and look for repeats - I only went as far as 1983 and The Hatstand Express (1984) mentions that the show was back on air then. Also I should recontact the ANL now I know what I'm looking for & see if they have the missing issues.

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