July 18th, 2009

Better Days by snarkyllama

House of Flu

It’s all B’s fault, really. Or rather, the kids at the school he was teaching at during the last week of term. On the one hand, he didn’t get sick until after term ended, which is good because he’s casual & hasn’t had that much work over the last couple of months. On the other hand, he did get very sick & is still not over the cough, 9 days later. Also, he passed the bug on to me (thinking about it, even if I’d been able to afford CQ, this would have put the trip in the bin anyway, so I guess I should – what? Count my blessings? Or something).

No, I don’t know which variety of virus it was – they’ve stopped routine testing for H1N1 – I did go to the medical centre on Wednesday, when I knew I was coming down with whatever, because I needed a certificate for work (why wait until you really feel like crap, I say), but I wasn’t sick enough for them to be interested in doing one.

Thankfully, after 3 days of feeling awful (cough, fever, aches, the works), swallowing cold & flu tablets & taking temperatures and sleeping lots, in between mainlining TV (repeat viewings of Ultraviolet & Apparitions, plus Heroes and CoE – the last left until yesterday afternoon when my brain was functioning again), I’m feeling heaps better. If only my stomach & rib muscles would stop aching!

Anyway, this here is a postponed post – I was working on it before the lurgy hit:

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Hope everyone at Close Quarters is having a great time :)

P.S. the All Blacks won the first Bledisloe match. \o/
P.P.S Yahoo mail is playing up – grrr! So if you’ve sent me anything in the last few hours, I haven’t got it yet.