May 31st, 2009

Sunshine by ProBodie

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I can't believe it - I'm here at Heathrow, waiting out the hour or so before my flight boards - and another trip is practically over! Apart from the 22 hours flying back to Sydney, that is. But I got aisle seats this time! And I managed to fit everything into my backpack & sundry bags (cornishcat, your gift proved most useful). I've had a wonderful, busy-busy time. Didn't catch up with a couple of people who were laid low by lurgies of one sort or another, unfortunately. Better luck next time, hey? *Big hugs* to people who invited me to stay a night, or more - I really appreciated it.

I know I've been rubbish with trip related posts but I will post some picspams when I get home. For now, here's one I took in the Exeter underground passages (waves to foxcat - I think the effect has something to do with the tunnel strip lighting, but I'm not sure how: