May 15th, 2009

Blind Run look

Holiday Report - 1

I'm just waiting for byslantedlight to struggle free from temp-y work place (although I'm not sure how 4 drabbles in a morning counts as work *g*) so we can head off for Nattercon. And maybe there'll be a Skype call from B before we go, if he isn't out and about (I keep forgetting that I'm now 9 hours behind not 9 hours ahead, and it's Friday night in Sydney right now).

And whee! for just being here, after thinking and planning the whole thing for weeks - it was absolutely lovely to see byslantedlight at the P&R as my coach pulled in, knowing we've got days and days of meeting and nattering with our Pros mates. byslantedlight was fabulous as always and organised an evening out with alicambs, which was great fun, even if Ali and I did go off talking in a foreign language from time to time (there was definitely Bablyon 5, and a little Ultraviolet, although I don't remember too much Stargate at least from my side of the table *g*).

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