April 19th, 2009


The "What I've been Doing" report

XVAMC Report

Over Easter B and I took off for the Australasian Medieval Conference. This is a multi-period event held every two years "somewhere in Australia". It started out as strictly medieval, but as interests have changed over the years the span has increased - it now covers anything from Greek Hoplites to ECW. My group, the Routiers, ran this year's tavern. I've put some pictures under the cut. Unfortunately the camera stuffed up on the first day, so I don't have a great selection of photos to share and you'll have to forgive the cars etc. in the campsite shots because everyone was still setting up when I took them.

The site was brilliant - "Castle Mountain", an outdoor adventure camp about an hour and a half northwest of Sydney. We arrived Thursday night, a little too late to set up the tents, but we opened the bar anyway *g*. Things really got going early the next day.
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I came back to a huge number of emails and unread posts which I'm slowly reading back through. Found myself completely distracted yesterday by sineala's lovely Pros Roman AU novel - do go and read it! And it's now only 24 days until I get on that plane and fly to England. Whee! and Eek! So much to do.