February 9th, 2009


Global ProsWatch - Discovered in a Graveyard

After the big discussion about Doyle's recovery and rehabilitation on erushi's journal I went looking for more information about the wound itself and stumbled on
"The Writer's Medical and Forensic Lab, run by Doctor D P Lyle. It's a cool site with several articles and a Q&A forum (which seems to have only run for a year, but there are a decent number of questions there). Dr Lyle has also written a couple of books for writers.

There was already a question on the forum about a gunshot wound to the chest, but as the wound cited wasn't quite correct for Doyle, I decided to email Dr Lyle myself. I wasn't sure if I would get a response, so I was really impressed when, one day later, Dr Lyle sent a reply - and a second response to a follow-up question in equally snappy time.

*Warning - detailed description of injuries follows*

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