January 17th, 2009

Sunshine by ProBodie

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Cool Things:

Thanks to a friend on another blog I found a link to This Interview with Philip Pullman in which he states ” I am a devout believer in the complete democracy of text… Once a book is in your hands, ITS INTERPRETATION BELONGS TO YOU. You can read it in any way you like, and take away any meaning that makes sense to you. That's the great freedom of reading.”.

Reckon that goes for TV show watching too – just sayin’ *g*.

Also… *brief pause while I jump up and twirl around the room * I used some frequent flyer points that have been accumulating for about the last 10 years and booked flights – to London, in May! I’m coming to Nattercon, guys! Wheee! Arrive the Thursday before, leave at the end of the month *does silly dancey thing again*. It’ll be great to see you all, or as many of you as I can squeeze in *g*.

This means I should have the $ to get to the US in July as well, so Double Wheee!

Measuring Worth

I have a feeling I'm going to be spamming my flist today *g*

This is an interesting site that compares the relative "worth" of money between different time periods, using different scales.

For example,£1,000 from 1977 was worth the following in 2007
£4,477.19 using the retail price index
£7,553.93 using the average earnings
£8,740.36 using the per capita GDP

I don't pretend to understand the methodology behind it all, but it might be a Useful Thing for some people?