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05 January 2009 @ 07:18 pm
Since posting my DIALJ story, the last couple of days I’ve just been kicking back, relaxing and trying to keep cool. It’s been quite hot - today it’s still 30(86) degrees outside at 7:00 in the evening.

We watched Alatriste on SBS last night, which was great fun, even if it was a little confusing at times trying to work out who was who. The battle scenes were terrific.

Today we went out to Norwest Business Park for a late lunch. The complex includes a row of open-fronted restaurants overlooking an artificial lake. Only one was open when we got there, Il Lago,an Italian one I’d been to before (I had the Pici on that occasion). We shared a plate of antipasto to begin with, which was very good. We both ordered the “Manzo” as a main, which I gather means simply “beef” but which turned out to be two perfectly cooked fillet roulades stuffed with mushrooms. I thought the creamed spinach could have done with some actual cream, as it was a little bland in contrast to the beef, but that was the only disappointing note to the meal.

B has been reading a collection of Robert E Howard's Conan stories, and he actually read 'The Frost Giant's Daughter' aloud to me during the meal. Just as well there were very few people in the restaurant! It was an interesting experience. Parts of the prose seemed very purple, although the style suited the first part of the story (the aftermath of a battle in the Northern Wastes) very well.

I had a Peroni (Nastro Azzurro), which I hadn’t tried before. Very refreshing. Unfortunately I was too full for dessert.

DIALJ has been fab, again. I have a mound of print-outs to read properly and comment on. Have also printed out another set and some of the graphics to go in a folder for next time I see K (friend without a home computer).

Alas, I’m back to work tomorrow :(