December 24th, 2008

Sally by snarkyllama


I've been feeling everyone's pain as they work on their dialj stories *g*. My own has been growing slowly, at about 300 per day, and I figure I need at least 8,000 to do the tale justice. But this morning I got up & wrote almost 600 words of the climactic scene, straight off the bat (the plotty climactic scene, dammit - so far this story isn't registering very high on the smut-o-meter), and it is good! Now I just have to go back and write another 5,000 or so to get to that point. And the slashy denoument, of course *g*. That's about 1,000 per day, to give time for betaing. Yep, I can do it!

As an intermission, I bring you something I wrote over on the Pros Forum, in response to a question Chiara wrote about lack of discussion about guns on the Forum.
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Right, back to story-writing!