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14 July 2008 @ 01:07 am
Pros fandom needs this rant about as much as it needs another elf story, but what the hell, it made me feel better...

For some reason I've recently read several Pros stories that have included a reference to the fine old game of Rugby Union. Almost all of them got something pretty basic wrong, something that was enough to throw me out of the story at least temporarily. I know there's no chance of most of those errors being fixed, because they were in 'zine or circuit stories and the authors are no longer active in Pros. All I'm asking is that anyone writing about rugby in the future takes some time to familiarise themselves with the essentials.

While Wikipedia has several good articles (including rules, lists of tours, matches and results for the national sides) and the BBC website is another one worth looking through, I thought I'd do a brief summary that's more oriented towards people who are primarily interested in the game from the fan fiction angle. I'm therefore going to concentrate on the general historical setting of the 70's and the player types involved in the game.

Rugby basics for Pros fan fiction writers
1. Teams of the 70'sCollapse )
2. Rugby Union playing positions and 70's British playersCollapse )
43 Violence in the game of rugby unionCollapse )
4. Would Bodie & Doyle be interested in/play Rugby?Collapse )