July 7th, 2008


Thank You!

{{{Big Hugs}}} to everyone on my flist for your kind thoughts on my birthday. I'll reply to you all soon, meanwhile here's the low-down...

Had a lovely day. Long, late lunch at one of our favourite cafes, much not-doing-anything during the afternoon, and 2 episodes of The Sweeney in the evening (I still haven't finished watching all of it). And as kind of coda, we watched a film tonight - 'Nochnoy dozor' (Night Watch), a Russian vampire film. It's a little like 'Underworld' in concept, but completely without the leather stylings; very different feel, violent, grungy and thematically pessimistic. Despite the division of the "Others" into Light and Dark, the light side guys aren't all glowingly heroic and some of the dark side ones have interesting depths to their characters. And *yay* again for subtitles - I liked hearing the Russian voices.