July 1st, 2008

Sunshine by ProBodie

In praise of the indefatigable Marge Harper...

Backtrack. I really do love this episode. It didn't start off as a favourite, but it's grown on me over repeat viewings. I can see I'm not alone, either *g*, there have been some great posts about this one.

One on its own to start with: byslantedlight posted some beaut caps of the stoppage scene, including one from just after Doyle says "thanks". This cap goes directly before hers - in fact there are only a couple of frames showing Bodie looking at Doyle from that angle, before they get up and get on with it. 'Blink and you'll miss it' territory, but isn't that a lovely smile Bodie's giving Ray?

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You can see Bodie in the mirror in the first two pics!

Dear Marge. I’m glad she turns up in a lot of stories. Maybe we should make a list… Nice Boys by Lizzie, Telling Marge by Kate MacLean… others?