June 19th, 2008


Ørnen: En krimi-odyssé (Danish)

Some time ago I wrote about watching 'The Eagle: A Crime Odyssey', a Danish drama about a special investigative unit set up to combat international organised crime. I watched it on Australian SBS and enjoyed the show enough to do some internet searches, discovering in the process that there’s very little information available in English about the plots and characters. So, having finally discovered the screencapping software upstairs on the bloke’s computer, I've gone through the first episode(first of a two-parter) and created an introduction to the show.

The story starts just after news of the new unit has been announced to the public and before anyone joins the team. Warning, episode spoilers and lots of images below the cut. I’ve kept the size small, but if you have problems loading, let me know and I’ll split the posts.

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