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24 May 2008 @ 12:38 pm
The last couple of days have been very pleasant and amusing.

The pathologist's report came back "mission accomplished". I've had the stitches out (although I'm now strapped up with steri-strips and have instructions not to bump anything or move my head too far or too quickly for another couple of weeks).

We watched the "New Tricks" episode where Esther Lane is injured and Brian is left floundering until Jack and Gerry come to the rescue. After Brian's third or fourth well meaning (but really!) attempt to look after his wife, B turned to me and said "do you think I'm a little like Brian?". Mmmmm... I had to acknowledge there was some truth there - maybe it was the walkie talkies that clinched it.

shootingtokill reminded me about an old story of mine, 'Well Hall', which was based around Eltham Palace and the site of Well Hall, home of Sir Thomas More's daughter Margaret Roper, in Greenwich. I rechecked the EH site & found that the pics of Virginia Courtald's bedroom were missing (there's one HERE instead). But noseying around the site I discovered that there's a new audio tour for visitors, narrated by none other than David Suchet (Krivas)!
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