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22 March 2008 @ 10:30 pm
I may be more than a little mad. When I read justacat's musings on gwyn_r's new vid, "Broken English, as well as comments by other friends, I was both intrigued and mystified. I'd watched the vid through a few times, and couldn't really see what it was about, even though I liked the song and thought it was a good one for B&D. So, although JaC warned against doing it, I went ahead and built up a list of all the scene cuts in the vid, one by one.

Very scrappily put together, probably almost unreadable and containing multiple errors, but they're under this here cut if you're interested:
This Here CutCollapse )
It's an incredibly complex vid. I found almost 100 cuts between scenes and there must have been many, many more to fit the selections to the music. It's impressionistic, rather than telling a straight tale, true, therefore harder to grasp. I also think it would be far, far better viewed on a large screen to get the full effect. On a computer monitor it's too easy to lose the big picture in the detail if you sit too close, or lose the impact of individual shots by sitting further away (especially if you have my dodgy eyes).

Looking at the scene list there are more match-ups than I thought at first. Not just "lonely Puritan", but lines like "Lose your father, your husband, your mother, your children". And I ended up really loving the ending because, after all the mayhem and the focus on the bad guys and fighting against them, we can see the connection between Bodie and Doyle and know that they are fighting for each other as well.