March 15th, 2008


In which I fail utterly at fannish housekeeping

Maybe it was because B went off to Melbourne for the weekend, maybe because I was feeling jealous of other fannish get-togethers. Regardless of the reason, today was the day I decided to catch up on some long overdue fandom friends visiting and to return all the borrowed items on my bookshelves.

First stop was Hurstville where I met KarenL for lunch (iced coffee and chicken schnitzel). As K doesn't have a home computer I'd printed off a copy of the DIALJ Christmas zine for her. I also loaned her my copies of Redemption andNever Far Apart. We're talking about another trip together next year, to Close Quarters and maybe Nattercon (I want to do both and I'll have enough frequent flyer points to do one trip without paying for the ticket). Definitely have to start planning and saving for that.

Second visit was to rose_gialle. I guiltily realised it's been over a year since I've seen her. Luckily she didn't seem to mind too much.She fed me delicious Boston cake and Sprite, I enjoyed petting the lovely Simba, reclaimed some items, returned her S&H DVD's and a Suzan Lovett print, gave her a printed copy of the DIALJ zine and came away with a Hornblower one to read. I also enticed her to read Life on Mars/Pros crossover fic *g*.

Third and last - I visited H (list person marge_harper) over on the North Shore. At sinpozium I'd lent her some vids (it was a shock to realise that was where my copy of The Last Place on Earth had vanished to - I thought it had been lost in the house moving) and she'd given me some zines. Via phone calls and emails we've been attempting to meet up for an exchange of prisoners for over 2 years! We had a lovely chat over orange juice, coffee and ginger chocolate chip biscuits. She brought out the Box of Doom - a very large container full of zines that she and a friend of hers no longer wanted. I ended up with a carton full of them (some are duplicates that will go to Karenwithoutacomputer or another Pros fan, eventually). I returned her zines, she borrowed a copy of ITPI1 that rose_gialle returned, I borrowed half a dozen others, including Cherilyn's Fruit of the Spirit, which I've been meaning to read for ages.

End result - I went out with maybe 8 'zines and came back with 20. Am eyeing the space on the bookshelf - not enough.

I can see that I'll be doing a repeat tour in the not too distant future *g*.

Ah, fandom. Never a done deal.