December 15th, 2007

Sally by snarkyllama

'Weekend in the Country' thoughts

I'm Bodie/Doyle-centric. Always. Yet I've never felt the need to insult any of their episode girlfriends. Unless they 'do them wrong' – Kathy Mason, Shelley Hunter – I've regarded them as characters along the way. They are people whose affection for Bodie or Doyle can't possibly take the place of the Lads' love for each other (whether they realise it or not).

Judy Shaw is a good example. She gets 'classified' as ordinary (i.e. like most of us unless we're really vain), horse-faced (no, she has a squarish face, with nice eyes and features – if you're into that kind of judgement). She gets no credit for staying fairly cool when she finds out her horse has been killed, or when she has to stand on the roadside flagging down an escape vehicle.

In my world Judy and Doyle stay friends, because it was never really a romance between them anyway, just a few mutual interests in common. Maybe I'll put her in a future fic as a contact in MOD. I feel she's steady, pragmatic – a good person to know.

What I will NEVER do is write a story that diminishes her character by having B or D slag her, or by making her antagonistic towards B/D. I could do it, within the bounds of fan fiction, but I simply won't go there BECAUSE it would feed into what's already out there, the stuff that pains me.

My rant for the week.