November 10th, 2007


'Star Trekking' OR Does my Boyfriend Deserve to Die

B & I have been watching ST:TOS episodes over the past few weeks. I've been reminded how good some of the first series episodes are. OK, except for the one where I said to B, "This looks like a VTTBOTS episode to me", just before Arch Whiting (Sparks) turned up as an engineer-type character. That was "The Alternative Factor" in case you're curious - worth avoiding.

So this afternoon B suggested that we watch "Star Trek: Nemesis" together, since he'd found a second-hand copy at Cash Converters. "You don't have to watch the whole movie if you don't want to... just a little..."

Hah. Try getting up and away when your bf has his gorilla-arms wrapped around you and isn't letting go. His pain is mine, apparently.

116 minutes:
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I want 'em back. Every damn minute.