April 1st, 2007

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I'm behind in my Pros slash proliferation posting, but I'll get to that in a little while. First, a huge round of applause for everyone who has been taking part (and an especially big hug for paris7am who got the ball rolling over at ci5hq).

Wanna join in? Timeframe is very flexible (like Doyle's poses):

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Or just want to see what's so damn sexy (and slashy) about a 30 year-old Brit TV show? All these journal folks have provided evidence:

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ETA: I think carodee and lemurgrrrl are playing too?

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Thoughtful by snarkyllama

Not (quite) the PSPC post either

I'm fascinated by the thought of all the incomplete Pros stories out there; poor little orphans in rags, shivering in the cold, just waiting for someone to pick them up and take them somewhere warm *g*. If I find one, I have to read it, even though I know I'll be disappointed by its incompleteness.

So when lj users nellhowell, helenraven and msmoat posted WIP's a while ago, I read them all, avidly. Then I found a couple more, and listmania struck...

Teamwork by Helen Raven

Cold Spring by Angelfish Archivist

In the Ghetto by Nell Howell

Untitled by PFL

Picture Perfect by Goodnightlady

Burnt Boats and Broken Hearts by Zoe Rayne (sequel to A Call of Nature by M Fae Glasgow)

Some authors said they had no intentions of finishing their work. Thankfully, most of them then went on to explain where they had intended to go with the story. I like that - somehow it means I can more easily use my own imagination to fill in the blank space beyond that last word on the screen...

Does anyone else feel like that? Or do you automatically avoid all WIPs?

ETA: byslantedlight reckons this should be counted as a PSPC post, so yay - only one to go - will get it done!

Pros Slash Proliferation Challenge - Day 4

I confess that I tend to prefer 'clandestine' B/D over 'out and proud' B/D. Not only does it make more sense to me (thinking late-70's/80's, security organisation, the rise of conservatism etc), but there is something very enticing about forbidden love, and the idea that I, the reader, am privileged to be 'in the know' about their secret. It adds a whole lot of potential twists and turns to story-writing as well.

Nevertheless, Bodie & Doyle 'coming out' or being 'outed' is either implied or overtly stated in a lot of stories. The ways and means are many...

In Wish I wasn't here by M Fae Glasgow, the reader has to follow Bodie in reading the signs (no quote here - the story is available in .pdf file format only - also it's worth reading from the beginning).

In Wonderful Tonight by Sebastian, Doyle tells Kate Ross during a psychological evaluation...
Collapse )

In Heat Trace by Helen Raven they are exposed suddenly and very publically.
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In Benevolence by Brenda K, they out themselves - by accident!
(no quote, because that would be way too spoilery *g*)

In Undercover Activities by O Yardley they decide to tell Cowley together (this is the last story in the Party Spirit series - worth reading from the beginning).
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Personally, I have difficulty with the idea that Cowley would smile benevolently, offer his best wishes (and a bottle of pure malt), and give a speech at the wedding. I'm not saying he would react badly because of prejudice, but he would be concerned to protect CI5 at all costs, a priority that would be well ahead of the well-being of his agents. That said, anything's possible in fan fiction!

Also, harking back to some previous discussions about gay politics in the 70's and 80's, today I stumbled across an interesting paper about James Anderton's Manchester (connections to the episode "In the Public Interest):