March 29th, 2007

Sunshine by ProBodie

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Wednesday: Brian Clemens, Miriam Heddy
Well, it's still Wednesday somewhere, I'm sure. Also, those emails & comments I owe the world? I'll get to them tonight, promise.

Dear Brian Clemens,

Remember that TV Times Extra story you wrote? "Operation Impossible"? The one with this ending:

Cowley glanced at the sergeant. "Do you know" he said. "I think we may have found ourselves a good team there."

The sergeant frowned "Looked to me like they were ready to slug each other."

Cowley's eyes twinkled, "A lot of good marriages began that way."

All I can say is... "Great minds think alike":

From Fancy That by Miriam Heddy:

It was not the sound of the door that woke him, but the sense of a presence just inside the closed room. It was too dark to see anything, and Ray was quiet, but they'd worked together too long--long enough for Ray's presence not to startle him, just wake him on the edges, peripheral vision or something. Ray hadn't yet found his blind spot.


"'s me."

"Something wrong?"

"Nothing." The bed dipped as Ray sat down on the edge of it. He could feel the radiant warmth of Ray's body close by and could imagine what he looked like even without seeing him, sleepy and tousled.

He said nothing more for a few minutes, just listening to Ray breathe, waiting to see if Ray would say something more. When he didn't, Bodie sighed deeply, worried and confused and still half-asleep. He glanced at the bedside clock and saw it was three in the morning.

Looking again in Ray's direction, he found his eyes had adjusted slightly, so that he could see the faint outline of Ray's body, could make out that he was naked.

"C'mere, Ray." He held out his arm and patted the mattress at his side, moving over to make room for him.

Ray slid under the sheet with him, pulling the duvet up to his hips, and Bodie reached out to pull him closer, not caring at that moment that he was naked as well, just wanting Ray close to him, wanting to do something, thinking about how much he'd hurt Ray for his own good, for both of their sakes. And overwhelming all of that was how good Ray felt beside him, in his bed, Ray's slighter body pressed up against him.

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