February 3rd, 2007

Sunshine by ProBodie

Gay quotes project

I've been compiling a list of "gay quotes" from The Professionals episodes. Some of these are just casual gay referencing - to the "Gay News", to the lesbian lovers in "Everest was also Conquered". Some others appear to be just the lads camping it up. And then there are the others, the ones I really love, where there's a hint of "something else going on" between them.

A lot of it is in the expressions and the body language, but it's interesting to see how many clues remain without the visuals!

Credit: Quotes from the transcripts at The Hatstand Episode Guides

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There was quite a bit of cutting and pasting between categories *g* so I'm interested in comments on how I've organised the quote selections. Also additional suggestions!

BODIE: All this drinking in the daytime, Doyle.
DOYLE: I know. I shan't be able to look a ginger beer in the face again. See you.