December 22nd, 2006

Thoughtful by snarkyllama

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B is away, having a lads night out with Keith the Scot. Therefore I got to choose my dinner from the range of things he won't eat and, as usual, it was lamb. Cutlets, well seared, with cabbage and potato. Boring, but comforting. I bought a dozen oysters as well; they went down very nicely.

I know I've a few vegetarian friends out there *waves*, so I'll just mention (because all my recent food posts have featured meat, one way or another) that I do like dishes without meat. The pub where my reenactment group holds its monthly meeting does a very nice lentil curry with raita. I love bean burritos, and vege pizza with mock salami. Not keen on tofu, though.

Anyway, you'll know what to feed me when I come knocking on your door ;-)