October 4th, 2006


(no subject)

I've been meaning to post the second part of my trip report, with get_together content, but I've had an 'orrible head cold since Monday night and the brain isn't working so good :-(

In lieu thereof, a hearty thank you to arysteia for the hosting, including the very comfortable couch, the food, the snacks (and yes, I did drink more coke that I indicated I would, I blame that on the large bottles of duty free that just begged for mixing), the orchestration of our viewing pleasures. And for pimping Smallville. I'm so torn! The series is still crap (TM), but Oh! the Clex h/c, the dorky-prettyness of Clark, the body-switching and eyebrow stroking!

And because I have done nothing today except try to clean out my webmail and follow random links:
School Days by Derry
Supernatural. Graphics-heavy, non-slash. Probably everyone has already seen it, but hey. I had to comment. It was fun.

(don't worry gang, I haven't been seduced away from Pros. Just having a mild flirtation with some of the other talent *g*)