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18 August 2006 @ 11:45 pm
Every so often I remember snippets from really old television shows that I used to watch. There's one memory that always frustrates me, because I loved the show at the time (probably 60's or early 70's) but I've forgotten the title. I don't think it was "The Tomorrow People". I recall:
* It was British, I'm fairly sure
* the end titles always showed an aerial shot of a lighthouse.
* it was sci-fi, I think - there was a bad guy who wanted to rules everything, who had various chemical & psychological means to do so
* I think the protagonists were children, but I can't remember anything about them.
* in one episode, a train carriage full of soldiers was filled with a strange gas: the soldiers all got up and left the carriage as though they were obeying unspoken comnmands.

Does anyone else remember a series like this?

Remembered the show, finally - it was Freewheelers
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