August 5th, 2006


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Today's task was to clean out the downstairs office. There were still some packing cartons of 'stuff' which we hadn't touched for almost a year and it was fun to see what was in them. I rediscovered my LP collection (what I'm going to do with them I don't know - we don't possess a turntable) and B found a heap of Magic cards from years ago. Our papers, formerly stacked haphazardly on the bookshelves, are now lying in sorted piles on the loungeroom floor. I will put them away before I go to bed, because I have to go in to work tomorrow and B has a tendency to put things in strange places *g*.

In the afternoon we went with W & G to see "The New World" at the Glenbrook cinema. The cinema is an independent theatre with a single, small capacity, screening room. Not the place to see the latest SFX-driven blockbuster, but quite cosy, as well as convenient.

I had a mixed reaction to the movie. Parts of it were lyrically beautiful, but overall it was disappointing. Definitely not greater than the sum of its parts.

Good stuff:- visually entrancing in its attention to the natural landscape. Fabulous, authentic costuming and makeup - the only compromise I noticed was the native women wore tops to cover their breasts. Oh, and Colin Farrell showed way too much bare chest way too often. Wes Studi (Magua) was in it, looking good. Christian Bale. Christopher Plummer. Q'Orianka Kilcher. Great sets/locations for Jamestown and Powhatan's village.

Not-so-good:- Boring. Too long. Colin Farrell looked worried/stoned most of the time. The story got lost in the visuals. I couldn't understand half of what the colonists were saying and subtitles for the natives were minimal. The battle between the colonists and the natives ('naturals') started out well, but became a messy confusion very quickly (talking mainly camera work & direction here). Far too much of the 2 leads circling around each other, him looking worried/stoned, her looking all gamine like & waving her arms about. Voice-overs NOT a good alternative to decent character development & interaction. Too long. Boring.

Never mind, the meal and post-movie slagging session at the Bowlo was fun.

Now, back to those piles.