June 28th, 2006


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This is fun!

I died in the Dungeon of Kiwisue

I was killed in a sloping arena by Nimlothriel the arch-demon, whilst carrying...

the Axe of Caffyolay, the Crown of Metabolick, the Crown of Goodnightlady, the Axe of Arysteia, a Figurine of Luthien, a Figurine of Tboy, a Figurine of Calla S, the Dagger of Greenstone J, the Axe of Maidenwyoming, the Sceptre of Fan Fiction, the Axe of Re-enactment, the Dagger of Byslantedlight, the Wand of Martin Shaw, a Figurine of Justacat, the Sceptre of Enednoviel and 134 gold pieces.

Score: 267

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