April 9th, 2006

Sunshine by ProBodie

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Rather a busy weekend. On Saturday B took off into the city to meet a friend from Tas Viking Society days who is now living in Armidale, but who came down to Sydney to escape from her 4 children and go to the theatre. I took the opportunity to go to Bexley (45 minutes on the M7, wow) and meet tboy for lunch. Was supposed to meet K as well but she got caught up in office renovations (tells me she's having weird dreams where carpet tiles and fannish loves are somehow blended together).

Back home, in the evening L dropped by, hoping we'd be interested in going to the Bull & Bush at Baulkham Hills to see "The Pigs" (a rather cool country cover band that does a range of original material as well - including a song called "Back Door Lovin'" :-)

Unfortunately we were too stuffed to get up & go. We heard later she persuaded Satan's Son (D) and his South African girlfriend to meet her, so she did have some company.

Today Paul The Gross came for lunch & a viewing of the Routiers 20th anniversary video. Paul was a founding member of The Routiers, back in the days when the group was a bunch of 'rough, filthy swine', but he became a little disenchanted a few years back. He's since moved on to the Sydney Ancients (generally known in reenactment as the "Wine, Dine & Recline" Society) who are good mates of ours. We had a nice lunch. A few other people popped by, then we went to the local pub with L, and W&G who are about to leave on a trip to the UK this week.

We watched the 'Helen of Troy' doco this evening. Afterwards, CSI viewing for me - "Shooting Stars" - I like, I think. Doesn't rely on overly pretty stars, has good characterisation & acting, they work the camera well without resorting to over many flashy cuts, and the story was interesting (although it died a bit at the end). Yeah, I'd watch it again.

Tomorrow's Monday.Guess why I don't want to go to bed yet *yawn*.
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