November 6th, 2005


Remember, Remember, the 5th of November

We marched on NSW State Parliament yesterday, to celebrate the 400th Anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot. Most of the pollies had decamped to Dubbo, to attend the Country Labor conference - or were they worried we would uncover some plotters in their ranks?

I had my shiny new pike armour (guest iconage of same), made by Talerwin Forge. We were running late again - after a stressful start, about 15 minutes down the road I couldn't remember if I'd turned the iron off, so we decided to go back and check (it was OK). With just enough time to spare we got to Hyde Park. Somehow I managed to put the tassets on round the wrong way, and no-one else noticed until afterwards, which is why the pic is only from the hips up. To the beat provided by our own drummer and a tune from Praxis, we marched through the Park, down Macquarie Street to Parliament where we did a short drill display and fired off the muskets. They sounded really loud!

Afterwards, we went to The Domain for a picnic, games and dancing and ended the day with dinner and lots of beer at the Lowenbrau Keller. Good to see people from Newcastle, Canberra, Bathurst and Melbourne (hi, baralier).

Now I'm going to see a couple of friends at the Mountain Blue cafe. And that'll be my weekend almost done.