October 16th, 2005

Sunshine by ProBodie

The AMFAS Express

I had Grand Intentions of updating this journal to create a daily record of my UK trip. Unfortunately the exigencies of searching out Internet places, prioritising the hunt for accommodation & entertainment & replying to emails from friends and generally dealing with crappy keyboards & time limits, blah, blah, blah, has meant nothing much has happened until now. Halfway through the trip, and I'm now in a proper cyber cafe in Portsmouth, thinking about how to get back on track. I've decided I will make this the index entry & go back as time permits to fill in the blanks.

The trip so far:

Friday 7 October: leaving Sydney & the flight to Heathrow
Saturday 8 October: from Heathrow to Windsor & meeting fellow fans
Sunday 9 October: lunch with friends in London
Monday 10 October: drive to Bath via Avebury
Tuesday 11 October: Bath
Wednesday 12 October: Bath to Cardiff. First performance of 'A Man for All Seasons'.
Thursday 13 October: Matinee performance of AMFAS: Q&A session in the evening
The Cardiff Question and Answer session report (Friends locked)
Friday 14 October: Caerphilly Castle, St Fagan's Museum of Welsh Life, Third performance of AMFAS
Saturday 15 October: Tintern Abbey, driving to London, 'Measure for Measure' at The Globe.
Tintern Abbey and The Globe
Sunday 16 October: Horley to Brighton to Portsmouth
Horley to Brighton to Portsmouth
Monday 17 October: Isle of Wight and SHOES!
Isle of Wight and SHOES!
Tuesday 18 October: Mary Rose, Victory & back to London
Wednesday 19 October: Eltham Palace
Thursday 20 October: Professionals site tour
A Professionals site tour of London
Friday 21 October: Kensal Green & Forbidden Planet
Saturday 22 October - Sunday 23 October: The Flight Home
Sunshine by ProBodie

Horley to Brighton to Portsmouth

Brighton is a fascinating place.

We weren't supposed to be there; we were travelling southward from Horley, looking for a road west to Portsmouth. However, travelling distances being what they are, it sort of snuck up on
us. I thought OK, at least it gives me an opportunity to find internet again. After asking in a music store we were directed to the London Road & a MacDonalds. Yay! Then we started to look around.

I confess that I thought that Brighton would be a bit like Blackpool, which I visited for the Babylon 5 Con in '97 & judged to be beyond deadly dull. Couldn't have been more wrong. Colour, kinkiness, a really good vibe - and we only walked a couple of miles. I am not letting B within a hundred miles of this place, at least not without a padlock on his wallet!

Unfortunately we needed to move on. We arrived at Portsmouth in the rain (this is my second visit - it was raining the first time as well). Found a B&B, a pub with real ale & good food, & this here cyber-cafe. Oh Joy.