October 1st, 2005

Doyle by TBoy

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I have discovered Lagavulin Love. 16 year old Lagavulin is an incredibly sexy pure malt scotch from the Isle of Islay: "Time, say the Islanders, takes out the fire, but leaves in the warmth". It's true. Some single malts, like Glenmorangie (a previous favourite) need a little added water to release their best aromas and taste from the alcoholic spirit base. This one is for delicate sipping in it's undiluted form, the supple, smoky flavour spreading seductively over the palate without leaving any residual afterburn. Ahhhh.......

(It's all George Cowley's fault, really: I started drinking Glenfiddich because of The Professionals, but that brand just doesn't do it for me anymore).

This journal hasn't been updated for a while, but much has been happening. See below the cut:
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